Club América vs. C.F. Monterrey Player Ratings: A Clash of Football Titans


Club América vs. C.F. Monterrey Player Ratings: A Clash of Football Titans


When two football giants like Club América and C.F. Monterrey face off on the pitch, the spotlight not only shines on the teams but also on individual performances. Fans and pundits eagerly await player ratings to assess the contributions of each athlete in the thrilling encounter. In this article, we’ll provide player ratings for key performers from both sides in a recent showdown between Club América and C.F. Monterrey.

Club América Player Ratings:

  1. Goalkeeper – Guillermo Ochoa (8/10): The veteran goalkeeper showcased his experience with crucial saves, keeping his team in the game.
  2. Defender – Emanuel Aguilera (7.5/10): Aguilera’s solid defensive display and well-timed tackles earned him a high rating.
  3. Midfielder – Richard Sánchez (8.5/10): Sánchez controlled the midfield, distributed the ball effectively, and scored a brilliant free-kick goal.
  4. Forward – Henry Martín (7/10): Although he didn’t find the net, Martín’s work rate and link-up play were noteworthy.
  5. Forward – Roger Martínez (9/10): Martínez was the standout performer, scoring a crucial brace and causing constant problems for the Monterrey defense.

C.F. Monterrey Player Ratings:

  1. Goalkeeper – Hugo González (7.5/10): González made some important saves to keep Monterrey in the game.
  2. Defender – Nicolás Sánchez (7/10): Sánchez displayed his defensive prowess with key interceptions and clearances.
  3. Midfielder – Maximiliano Meza (8/10): Meza was a creative force in midfield, providing assists and creating chances.
  4. Midfielder – Celso Ortiz (7.5/10): Ortiz controlled the midfield battle and helped Monterrey maintain possession.
  5. Forward – Rogelio Funes Mori (8/10): Funes Mori’s clinical finishing earned him a goal, and he posed a constant threat to the América defense.

The Impact of Substitutes:

  • Club América – Mauro Lainez (7/10): Lainez injected energy into the midfield after coming on as a substitute.
  • C.F. Monterrey – Vincent Janssen (7/10): Janssen added a new dimension to Monterrey’s attack with his physical presence.


The clash between Club América and C.F. Monterrey showcased the immense talent and competitive spirit of Mexican football. While Club América emerged victorious, both teams had standout performers who left their mark on the game. Player ratings provide a snapshot of the individual contributions in what was a thrilling encounter between two football titans. Fans eagerly await the next showdown, where these talented athletes will once again take center stage and continue to captivate audiences with their skills and determination.

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